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Preserving the Guggenheim Vision of enhancing and protecting the natural resources and beauty of undeveloped Daniel Island.
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The Vision

DINRA 2025 envisions representing DI members by developing and championing a “grass roots” master plan for the phased development of natural resources on the southern and western areas of the island (below and beside Edgefield Park). DINRA endeavors to establish “a seat at the table” in discussions with current south and west side property owners, including the SC Ports Authority, the City of Charleston, Berkeley County, the State of SC, etc. DINRA endeavors to develop a resident-friendly, natural resource plan, have the plans endorsed by governing officials, facilitate the implementation and opening of each phase, and keep DINRA members informed. The south and west DI master plan vision includes nature trails, mini-forests, fruit tree groves, gardens, bike trails, riverfront water parks and recreation areas; with a respect for ecology, bird habitats, history, flooding buffering and abatement, and pedestrian access. The DINRA 2025 vision also includes opening up unobstructed views of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and the convergence of the Cooper and Wando Rivers. Each phase will be named after a major champion with overall completion targeted for 2025.

DINRA seeks to work with elected officials, boards, and commissions to enlist their support, assistance, and cooperation in developing DI’s south and west areas into this legacy natural resource vision – free of asphalt, concrete, vehicle traffic, residential and commercial development.

News & Events

Major Daniel Island Natural Resource Issue

The Post & Courier has been running a series of favorable articles about a Dredging, Spoils Dumping and Barging Proposal that will have enduring affects on Daniel Island natural resources. The Ports Authority is proposing extending the Wando Terminal wharf 700...

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DINRA Success!

DINRA was notified on Friday January 18, that the Oak Leaf Street trail at the Crow's Nest at Edgefield Park will be extended to the soccer fields as DINRA requested in October 2018. Oak Leaf Street is scheduled to be paved to come to a "T" at the soccer fields with...

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DINRA Inaugural Meeting

DINRA held its first inaugural meeting last Friday, Oct 26th at the Daniel Island Public Library. There was much information presented pertaining to the WestEnd properties owned by at least several different entities. The attached Development maps were also discussed....

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WestEnd Riverwalk Aerial Photos

Links & Resources

Sea Level Rise Viewer – Enter your address to view sea level rise and potential coastal flooding impact areas and relative depth.
Greener Childhood Associated With Happier Adulthood


Are you in favor of placing undeveloped properties on Daniel Island in Conservation trusts to reclaim, remediate, restore and preserve for future generations and enable passive resident access/enjoyment?


Membership is open to City of Charleston property owners, with a Daniel lsland address, who complete the application form below.

I hereby agree with the DINRA 2025 vision and mission and would like to support and/or help develop and promote the DINRA 2025 Master and incremental plans. I also support and/or will help to implement plans in phases, for the purpose of developing the natural resources on the southern and western undeveloped areas of DI. I am a property owner on DI and do not have a conflict-of-interest.

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Immediate Goals

  1. Develop a core membership to develop a master plan concept to present to government officials responsible for the property ASAP.
  2. Write letters to and have meetings with government officials requesting that the property be officially designated as public domain; that any discussions pertaining to south and western DI will be open, transparent, and include DINRA.
  3. DINRA will communicate to members the results of meetings with government officials.

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