The President of DINRA met with State Ports Authority (SPA) management representatives on February 8, 2019, to welcome them to “the neighborhood” and to discuss a possible partnership to reclaim, remediate, preserve and protect the approximate 800 acres of SPA Daniel Island undeveloped property. Of immediate concern are the three property parcels on the DI WestEnd along the Cooper River, across from the new Leatherman Terminal, which may have suffered previous soil contamination. The outcome and proposal from that meeting is as follows:

Dear [SPA management] (names omitted),
Thank you for meeting with me today, as President of the Daniel Island Natural Resource Association, about the three contiguous property parcels along the Cooper River on Daniel Island across from the Hugh Leatherman Terminal. As a grass-roots conservation organization, we believe we can help you achieve your goal of being an environmental leader among East Coast Ports while reducing your total costs over the long term.
Our organization embraces and advocates for the historic Guggenheim Vision culture of Daniel Island. Thus, we are ready, willing and able to partner with the SPA to help ensure these properties remain and/or are reclaimed in a natural state for Daniel Island residents to have walking access in a non-invasive manner (See Map Site Plan CIF06E001 as “North Island, Park and Saltwater Mitigation Bank”). 
In the short term, we would appreciate the opportunity to obtain the North Cell from SPA, to remediate/reclaim into a  legacy, protected conservation area. This may involve giving us time to raise funds to purchase, etc. Also, we would like to partner with you to ensure the Saltwater Mitigation Bank area is structured to also become a legacy, protected conservation area (“Newsome [or Whitemarsh] Conservation Area?”). Our goal is to link the 3 subject parcels together to be forever protected. We hope as good neighbors, we can work together to accomplish our common goals for the community we serve.
We look forward to an ongoing working relationship.
Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Ken Scarlett
Daniel Island Natural Resource Association