DINRA Makes a Splash with Newspaper SouthPark Endorsement; Westside Loop Access Request

Since DI Natural Resources Association launched it’s membership drive and initiative last month several big things have occurred:

  • The Post and Courier endorsed “Daniel Island Park – A Fine Idea” (8/1/18),
  • The DI News announced “Forward Thinking On Daniel Island Land Legacy” (8/9-15/18)
  • Mark Sandford proposed a revised, long-term plan for Daniel Island SouthPark (a.k.a. “Central Park”) and has committed to “work on” developing a natural resource park on the South end of the Island once he leaves office, and
  • DINRA has met with Representative Nancy Mace who is working on getting permission from DI WestSide property owners to allow Daniel Island residents immediate access to the west side loop for walking and biking access, transparency in west side property discussions and a seat at the table for DINRA in west side property discussions.